Meaning of the name Sachin:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Indian, Hindu Mythology
u guys need to stop fighting over the name sachin...i know what it means ive looked on other sights...and it means precious!!! it also means wealthy and congratz to u samii!!! lol
precious,smart,wise a wonderful person in many ways...a common person to love
my name is samii marie gravin..and i love a guy named sachin...he is wise,amazing and smart and funny...hes great and amazing...theres no reason someone couldnt love him
he is sweet and even though he has his boundaries he still flirts with you in a friendly way. he is kinda cute and precious
Its precious god gifted.
haha heyy its samii again..and thx for the compliment...and i knew sachin meant precious...and..sachin aint cute...not for u!!! lol hes my cutie :D
Yo, its Samii again AND SACHIN IS A lovingDUMMrear end WITH NO HEART!! :) Thank you
means justin bieber
what an illiterate cunt!
sachin is an undertermend dumm gently caress who likes to gently caress mosm and little boys!! hes teh next mucheal jakcson!!!
hey dude who wrote that ---/\ your teh du,, gently caress who likes to rape little boys...
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