Meaning of the name Sadie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
nice,carring,loving person
Sadie means amazing, beautiful, and is super hilarious. She is a great friend and has a funny sense of humar.
Sadie means princess :) or lady
It was made from the name, Sarah. Sarah means princess, Sadie means the same thing.
It means princess. :) but..i don't think a am one. i match alot of definitions above though!
Sadie means a smart, pretty, and amazing girl. My best friend's name is Sadie so i should KNOW!!
Means princess its nice if u dont like it then go stick your head in a toilit cause thats my dogs name got it :l
Wait did you say Sadie Kane I love those books
My name is off of a song loveY sadie
Sadie means princess. Sadie comes from the name Sarah.
my name is Sadie I had to look up my name for English people tell me that means princess nice carling loving person just to tell u guys I am just like that I hope I can meet one of u guys one day and I love knowing that I am not the only one with a name like Sadie,Sadie means: princess
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