Meaning of the name Saul:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical, Hebrew (Anglicized), Biblical Latin
A very attractive trustworthy,romantic,kind,smart,hilarious,sometimes sarcastic but always fun to be around with.I would know since my boyfriend carries that name.Ever since I saw him I felt a connection.Everyday he would make me smile and laugh uncontrollably.A boy with this name may cause many girls to fall in love with him but only one truly special girl that Im sure means the world to him will get to have him.He is always kind to her and is always romantic and sweet.He is definately someone who you can trust,has amazing strenght and very long eyelashes.He is smart and persistent,he he wants something he wont give up,if he loves something he will never let go,if he is mad he will never tell,if he is sad he will never show.He will have an amazing personality and a great sense of humor,he is sometimes unusual but always fun.He is caring and wonderful.His kisses will make you melt ,the touch of his hands will make you tingle,his warm hugs will make you never want to let go and if while youre in the warmth of his arms ,if maybe just maybe,can hear his heart beat faster,you'd be stupid to let him go.
Kid who like to have wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to much fun
It is the lovexiest name a guy could possibly have.The guy is most likely to be extremely super hott specially if his last name is Araiza.Saul is a name that only truly adorable,smart,romantic,sweet,funny and nice boys carry. If a boys name is Saul with the last name of Araiza they are likely to have a girlfriend named Carolina Ramirez.
Good man trustworthy and kind.
a hot guy who likes soccer. is athletic but relatively smart
best name
likes dogs
Is a hard worker
it means awsome and greatful
one of the loveiest people alive
a stupid mo-ther-fuc-ker
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