Meaning of the name Taavetti:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Finnish
july 29 2009... WARPED TOUR!!!!!... that we were both at... with different people... and spoke three words to each other. that was fuked up you could have at least watched a show with me but i guess i just wasnt cool enough for you. no really, dont even worry about it. its cool... im over it :)
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kill me what
July 30 2009
multiple days in july 2009... we talked on the phone alot. i remember before our talks the longest i had ever been on the phone was like five consecutive minutes. we talked for two or three hours at a time. i cant even remember what we talked about. i kinda feel bad for this :(
july 4 2009... that night i remember sitting in your car for a long time and then you left. but before that we saw the fireworks over the trees and all i remember is not being able to take my eyes off of you.
june 17 2009... probably one of the best night ill ever remember. i thought you were so pretty when you said "hold on i have to think... im going to think with my pillows out" hahahahaha and poltergeist is still the worst special effects movie ever :) strangers was good though... the parts we watched anyway ;)
june 7 2009... was actually a week after but you decided on this day for some stupid reason... and also the week after this was when you left and LIED LIED LIED your rear end off!!!! remember? yeah you were totally lying... fine person
June 3 2009... my birthday... :)
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