Meaning of the name Tabby:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
it actually means gazzelle.... but one of the awesomest people i know there name is tabby....
Tabby is my best friends name (short for Tabitha) and she's awesome. She is such a girly girl and she LOVES pink. She doesn't like sports that much although she is very good at swimming, dancing and she likes hockey. She's AMAZING! Such a good friend.
my name is tabby(short for tabitha) i love animals i am devoted to one guy (not telling:))i have 1 other sister and one half sister i love music i play flute, harmonica, know some pianio,(not very good tausome other taught myself becuz you can play off flute)recorder, mexican flute, some other instrements i don't remember :P i always mean good i'm devoted to my faith(roman chatholic) very tomboyish loves sports espesally football and basketball i am in love with video games like rachet & clank, jak & daxter, sly copper and stuff like that. i am very smart and do well in school (B-A average) and i would take a bullet for anyone i rather be tortered than anyone i love suffer ill deal with it and i'm only 11.
short vertion of Tabbetha
hi i am tablitha i love tacos and mustaches and my finger nail and my bed and my food and my purple pancake and my noes and my best friend justice
An amazing freind
well my name is tabby &i not annoying!
An awesome and pretty person
awww! my name is tabby. thanks you guys!
soooooooo funny!!!
The most awsome person ever. Love U Tabby Cat XD
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