Meaning of the name Taera:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
It gets a little eaesir the more guesses that came before you ... kinda like eBay! Great idea, I cant wait until Sunday.1. Leonardo daVinci2. Modigliani3. Rembrant4. Ruebens5. Vincent Van Gough6. Seurat7. Edvard Munch8. ?9. Picrear endo10. Mondrian11. ?12. Claude Monet13. Grant Wood14. Re9ne Magritte15. Frida Kahlo16. Andy Warhol17. Piet Mondrian18. Jackson Pollack19. Howard Pyle20. Dali21. Jasper Johns22. ?23. Roy Lichtenstein24. ?25. Takashi Murakami
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