Meaning of the name Tahnee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
my name is Tahnee and whenever i meet someone for the 1st time they get my name wrong so it is annoying but there is an australian model named Tahnee so it can't be that bad
Strong Daughter
It means gently caressk in Chinese
a peice of ancient EYGPTION clothing
a peice of ancient EYGPTION clothing i think
Variant of TAWNY.From the English word, ultimately deriving from Old French tan, which means "light brown".
My name maens little one and desire. I am 11 and i love my name
It means gently caress in chinese
Well my name is Tahnee and i love it because not many people have it.. :) and when i was a litte kid i got treated like a princess because of my name.. well thats what mama told me :)
I was told strong daughter
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