Meaning of the name Tai:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Chinese
An epic smart genius that knows everything and is totally ripped.
My name is tai. And iam a black female
i had a boyfriend named tai and he was HOT im tellin u i loved him to death until he cheated on me*hoe*(no affeincce) he is in sixth grade now!!!
tai is samoan yu fine person rear end niggas
i don't care cause ooooooo never mind that
This name doesn't mean nothun to me! Its just a stupid name!!!! And don't say nothin bout my post you uglies!!!
My name is Tai'Jha and it sounds like TAY JAH and sounds nothing like chinese!
It means to be brave and just, be herself. My nickname is tai, my full name is tai-lei. It would be cool if u could put up that name. I LOVE to sing and I love horses. And I'm NOT afraid to be myself. No matter how crazy I am!!!
my name is tai and im black but i heard way different meanings for my name so this site isnt very helpful =(
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