Meaning of the name Taina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Finnish
guiding star
Beautiful, Independent, Strong Woman! Y Boriqua!
Taina means a BEAUTIFUL girl who is smart,nice,kind,and can be serious but loves to be around others. My name is Taina and I'm PROUD of the name I have! GOD BLESS ALL THE TAINAS OUT THERE!
Sweet nice, serious, funny girl
TAKE THAT STUFF BACK RIGHT NOW!It means, Nice, loving, careful, adventurous and funny.
a person who is serious but loving,kind but cautious,caring and beutiful.
it's a girl who loves to be herself without caring what people think about her
what i think tania means shes a beautiful young lady, she never backs down, never gives up, and somtimes afraid but she can be a independent strong women i should know because my name is tania and i'm Bless for this name that GOD gives me this name.:):):):):)+++++
a puertorican name for the taino indians n watch it my sisters name is taina
cute nd lovey costa rican girl yup dats ma name mess with me ill mess u up !!! grrrrr
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