Meaning of the name Tajuana:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (African American, Rare)
My name is Taijuanna and i am African American and im not a black nor am i stupid, it amaze me to see how people are still so ignorant.
The person who first posted is just mean!
Why would someome put something so mean up there.
Whites must be the descendents of abnlios as all white life forms: white horses, white cats, white flowers; are a result of breeding with albinism. This is perfectly clear to Blacks, but whites resist. Why? Because they believe in white supremacy and as abnlios come out of black bellies, they do not like it. But more importantly I have asked why whites hate Blacks so much? I have found that the Black Diaspora also stretched out to Europe, and Black Europeans did not become whites 6000 years as is claimed, but rather whites coming to Europe 6000 years ago, from Asia. By 1100-1200 some of the Blacks declared themselves nobility, blue blood was the idenpillowy, pointing to blue men as how the Black Europeans were known. They are the King and the nobles who oppressed and civilized the White Europeans. These whites were born in a system where the Black noble was a superior being. The hatred came as a result of scientific racism, the invention of human races to give whites a human status, which was aimed ad liberating the whites from this cruel and despotic oppression. European whites were mainly Serfs until 1848. There was a trade in human leather way into the 19th century and one can suppose that the Black elite used white people skin to make clothes, bind books and make shoes. This goes to explain the hatred and fear of today. But its essential to understand that we are shown fake whitened images of the brown and Black kings and nobles. The European civilisation started with Blacks, and Black are not the eternal victims of whites.
just dumb whoever put that up must be a redneck or see that's not nice for me to say but i did..if i meant it i would be just as dumb as you..i will pray for you.
my name is twana you can spell it so many way's. but for who ever you saying stupid ugly black going to pray for you because i see you don't know no berrer so you can't do better..i see you didnt say your name??? you will be in my prayers.smh to you an whoever put something like that in your small head.
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stupid ugly black black
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