Meaning of the name Tarana:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Azerbaijani
its taran u deuche
In a baby book when names my son taran it was said to have ment heaven sent.
No taran
Or something******
O also I think Taran means lightning/thunder in Greek or sledding idk:p
Omg my name is Taran smith am so Mad that they don't have a Taran my old nick name was tarzan but my new one is tarantula
tara is how you spell it
Very pretty name and exotic LOVE it. I wish it was my real name! :((
Gender: FemaleUsage: Hindi Meaning: Buetiful song and water bird it's not Taran !
A buetiful song it's a female name it's not Tarzan nor is it Taran idiot it's Tarana It also means water bird get u facts right !!!!!
No, It's Tarzan.
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