Meaning of the name Taylor:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
The kinda person who's great and amazing in every way. If they're in the room, i wanna be next to them. If they're gone, I think of them. The person i wanna talk to. When we're together, the sun's shining. And when we're apart, the world turns gray. I can't help but love being with this person because they're everything i ask for
Taylor Means Strong
the best person anyone could ever meet
the name taylor is the awsomest name ever!!!!!
TAYLOR means that we r talented awsome yellers lovely over comers remarkable
taylor means you are the coolest person on the planet. ALL TAYLORS UNITE!
Taylor= happy
the most pretty perosn you will ever see.
Taylor means independent, a little shy at times but comes out eventually. They love a good laugh and really kind hearted, they think of others but dont forget about themselves. Taylors are smart and love feeling loved, they arent much for hugging or touching, but they love to talk.
Taylor is a name u can't describe because it is so beautiful. When people hear the name Taylor they know that there will be brightness in the day cause that wonderful person is there with them. When ur not with that person u feel gray and boring. Taylor is a name that will make that person automatically fall in love with u cause when they hear that name they know U r beautiful inside and out. Just because it is a boy name doesn't mean ur boring. Take advantage of who u r and what ir name describes u as. My name is Taylor and I'm proud of it. Because when people hear my name they know it is beauty!
Is a beautiful girl nice and sweet to all
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