Meaning of the name Theophilos:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Ancient Greek
strong, brave, humble... encouraging of others. I didn't look it up, I am just an old lady with a glrear end ball that lives in my mother's basement.
Miss Suzie told me th~isThe day before she...Died her hair in purpleShe died her hair in pinkShe died her hair in polka dotsAnd washed it down the...Sink me in the oceanSink me in the seaSink me in the toiletBut please dont pee on me me me!Miss Suzie and her boyfriendAre kissing in the...D-A-R-K D-A-R-KD-A-R-K,Dark is like a movieA movie's like a showA show is like a radioAnd that is all...I know I know my MaI know I know my PopI know I know my sisterWith the polka dotted bra..(Brother)'s like a sisterMy mom said not to tell,She said I'll go to heavenBut he might go to...Hello operatorPlease give me number tenAnd if you disconnect meIll sing this song again!
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