Meaning of the name Tristan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Welsh, English, French, Celtic Mythology
tristan means smart cute lovable and curios to everything and gets a girlfriend just like that
fun, smart and sweet!
Awsome guy & i wish i could have been friends with him. Maybe he could have tought me sports & in return i could help hime in social studys
it lovexy guy wit amazing eyes...perverted...yet really sweet....and a frickin smooth tallker..u cud just tell..
to me tristan means talks alot,rocks out on guitur,is very smart,super fast runner,tans easily,awesome speller,nice guy!!!! and ovcourse my name is TRISTAN!!!!
it means that they are kept to them selves short and rude hez ugly c i just lied to all ya
tristan means my boyfriend he is very cute,smart, funny and i love him even though ha a man ho.
A awesome lovey guyHe is so hot he makes the sun burn up
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