Meaning of the name Umar:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
It's name of the fourth kalifa of the islamic world. He is a companion of prophet mohamed(pbuh).
UMAR was the second khalifa of islamic world not 1st, 3rd or 4th but the second. and his full name was UMAR FAROOQ. umar farooq means the person who can judge between the truth and lies. He was the strongest man in his time. there was no kafir who dare to fight him because of his strength. muslims were not allowed to say prayers in makka/ khana kabaah/masjid nabvi.. and when UMAR accepted islam he took this step where he said to muslims that they will prayer openly in makka. and no kaffir dare going against him. theres a hadis where prophet (pbuh)says that IF THERE WERE EVER TO BE ANOTHER PROPHET SENT AFTER ME IT WOULD HAVE BIN UMAR. now i know all this information because my name is UMAR FAROOQ QURESHI.from Brooklyn NEW YORK.
extremely sorry. He is the second kalifa.
this name is just a name.
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Hahahahah jk it just meens life and the kalifah
Umar....Means >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Life
umar is a kid in my clrear end
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