Meaning of the name Valencia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
amazing woman
VAlENCIA means a strong woman
It doesnt mean any of those things- especially not orange. They call them Valencia oranges because that's where they were grown- in Valencia, California. My name is Valencia too and it means Strength or Valor
wazz upp people my naime is valencia 2
my first name is VALENCIA,its a name for calafornia oranges,hotels,houses,But i dont really no wat it stands 4?i am 12 years old and all my life i have wanted 2 no wat my name means.
Catalan (Valncia) and Spanish: habitational name from any of various places called Valncia or Valencia, principally the major city in eastern Spain, which was formerly the capital of an independent Moorish kingdom of the same name, until it was reconquered in 1239 by James I, king of the Catalan dynasty, and became part of the Crown of Aragon together with the Principality of Catalonia and the Kingdom of Aragon. The city was apparently named from an honorary pillowle derived from Latin valens brave.
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