Meaning of the name Valentina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, Russian, Slovene, Romanian, Spanish, Ancient Roman
Lovely and strong female
Valentina: is an awsome name i hate the haterz
It means a beautiful
it means you are strong and brave! thats my name
i love this name cuz thats my name!!
An amazing beautiful girl who is a tough italian girl..Acts without thinking..and strong independent
Valentina means brave and courageous
thats amazing
really lovey and d beautiful name get a girl that has that name you will lucky!!!!!!!!!!!1:)
Even though im only 14 going on 15 in January, I have been through so much in my past year. I never really liked my name cause people always thought i was born on Valentine's day. I've hated Valentine's ever since. But when i found out my name means to be strong and lovely, I loved my name so friggen much. I hope to one day meet someone that went through the same thing i did and tell me that they hate their name just so i can tell them people r retarted and making fun of someones name is basically bullying and here in my HS its not tollerated.
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