Meaning of the name Valentina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, Russian, Slovene, Romanian, Spanish, Ancient Roman
Lovely and strong female
Valentina: is an awsome name i hate the haterz
It means a beautiful
it means you are strong and brave! thats my name
i love this name cuz thats my name!!
An amazing beautiful girl who is a tough italian girl..Acts without thinking..and strong independent
Valentina means brave and courageous
thats amazing
really lovey and d beautiful name get a girl that has that name you will lucky!!!!!!!!!!!1:)
Valentina is a person who is nice, beautiful, smart, strong, and will help her friends through hard times, treats everyone the same, very artistic, loves music, and is adored by all, skinny, charming, caring, outgoing, i've never met anyone who doesn't like me and my name is valentina! :)
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