Meaning of the name Valentine:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
it could also be girls name
It means Amazing and im a male...
valentine means lovely and that you are very in love
It is originally a boys name, and it means amazing, or healthy. (St. Valentine was a man)
lovely person and not a boy and someone that is always in luv
To love and care for people.
strength and courage. either male or female
Valentine is mainly used a female name and as a middle name. its main mean is "healthy". it means strong in health. it has no ties with love, sweet,or tenderness.
Valentine is a name can be used by both gender, the fem version of valentine is valentina and the masc version is valentino. Valentine means great and destined.for.good things in life
To love and care for people.
i think it means strong brave... and willing to hurt anyone or anything in there way to get what he wants. only caresabout him self//
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