Meaning of the name Valérie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, Czech
Valerie means "The Strong" it is strength. Which can be both a blessing and a curse. Meaning you can handle anythang that comes your way and strength gets you throught it! Curse ALLOT comes your way to much at times, because, you can handle it an to much becomes over whelming. Valerie is a very sophisticated name. Valerie is an adaptable name to any clrear end, enviornment, and social surrounding. Being a Valerie gives you the ability to adapt to any situation that arises. We are just "GREAT" people in any way shape or form. Having the name Valerie gives you the sense of "Pride" sense of being able to achieve and do anythang, and anythang you do you give it your all! Allot of people I have come across love my name and/or want it not allot but, some. Valerie's are pretty in every way shape an form (where as so is everyone else in their own way) people jus be hatin but, hatin an jelousey is a downfall an is not worth ones time but, LMMFAO let em cause it just means people are thinking about us! I obviousley am a Valerie but, I go by Val an always have an probabley always will why? Cause I am not old enough to be called by my full name yet an because, when I was in trouble that's what I always heard ugh! (Lol)
Valerie's are usually really sweet and will do alot for their friends and family. If you have a friend named Valerie you are really lucky.
My name is Valerie and im Awesome
Valerie's are the best
i have a mom namd valerie and she is all and about
strong not able to back down if she were to be in a situation
the Name Valerie is da best thing to eva hit da face of the earth... dats how i feel on da subject...
I have a mommy named valerie
i am vallery
It means sweet one (i should know since i am one ) Valeries ROCK !!!
in one way it means feirce one so i can take it
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