Meaning of the name Vanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian
In Greek, it means God's Gift.
i think Vanna means hard working and beautiful.Maybe a beautiful soul too.I love the name.
this name is really nice.
hey nitwits this site is talking about the actual name vanna not your friend vanessa's nick-name. also it has 2 meanings i found in a dictionary: gods gift or golden colored.
vanna means loving, hardworking, gift from god, beautiful, and intelligent... SO SUCK IT UP PEOPLE!! :)
it mean sweet and loving
bad child
my friend's name is Savannah but we call her Vanna i think it means beautiful and hard working she is so nice and she is a good person
it means the jr of vanessa
totally vavvells for you
a girl that turns lesbian and hangs out at stripper parties!!!
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