Meaning of the name Veda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian
it means it my sissy! Luv ya sis!
a great friend\ lovey\ determind
im indian and it means wisdom
I'm from America and in American it don't mean shiit. Go eat a bag of rice you goddammmn browns. And take my doctor with ilu two
The person who said Veda means wisdom is correct. My name is Veda and I know for a fact it means wisdom. The Indian Holy Books are the Vedas. I learned this in the 6th grade.
That my name hehe
It mean she my sis
My backyard has ducks I love dress I go to school my dad is India I love bunnies have a pet bunny it means sprites my bunny is called bugsy
I am happier I have zhu zhu pets
lovey, Clever and Charming
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