Meaning of the name Wafai:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
This means you are faithful
Juste un truc qui me choque dans la deuxie8me vide9o (que je n'ai pas le cogaure de regarder en entier, de9sole9e =p) : rear endrear endiner une personne innocente n'est pas admis en Islam (et je corrige les fautes au prear endage, de rien, de rien ) Tout de9pend du concept d'innocence. Bien sur, si l'on conside8re que eatre homoloveuel est synonyme de culpabilite9, la sentence reste correcte Ceci dit, je suis plutf4t d'accord avec la madame de la premie8re vide9o. Je n'aime pas les ge9ne9ralite9s, mais pour le coup, elle a pas comple8tement tort. Apre8s, je ne connais pas de musulman (de vrai musulman, pas les jeunes cons) de vraiment pre8s donc bon La religion me semble utile, du moins elle l'a e9te9. Mais la flemme d'expliquer ce soir, fatigue9e.
Ken Yarmosh knows what I mean.a0 I #8217;ve been making a penotid effort over the past few months to write about and link to new or less popular blogs, that I find interesting.a0 Here, here, here, and here for example.a0 Yea, not much, but it #8217;s a starter.a0 I like the way Ken frames the idea, though.a0 He #8217;s defining it as a #8220;professional peer group #8221; which gives it a much more organized feel.a0 Sometimes when I link out, I might send the person a note, comment on their blog, or give them a trackback.a0 But, I think now that #8217;s just a first step in building a professional peer group.a0 Stronger relationships with people who blog on similar topics is absolutely a goal of mine, and should be a goal of yours too, and definately do not overlook anyone simply because their blog is not very popular. 1:00 pm |
Faithful, sincere, loyal
my name means faithfull and honest loyal etc..
My cuz name is wafa and she's in a different country
female my name is wafa arabic name my name is mean along life or pray for the stay
my name is wafa arabic name my name is mean along life or pray for the stay
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