Meaning of the name Waldemar:
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Gender: Male
Usage: German, Scandinavian, Polish
a lovey hoty who should go out with someone who he hangs out with someone in his clrear end who always helps him and isnt scared to talk to her
someone who needs to go out with someone you always end up seeing in school alot in your clrear end
it is suppose to say clrear end where it says clrear and where it says end it is suppose to say and.
hot strong
cooks like a god and loves his family . . . i should know he is my daddy !!! :)
To try to clarify:Hansen is sipmly a gray turning white at an early age. The gray gene is essentially a disease of the hair follicle that causes loss of color. So Hansen is either a bay or chestnut with the gray gene masking that base color and NO he is NOT NOT NOT a roan; roan is an entirely separate genetic effect. A GRAY is the one that turns lighter with age, every year. Roans stay darker, frosted , throughout life, and the distinguishing feature is that the head is darker than the neck and body on a roan. And grays can be dappled or steely gray sometimes with lighter or darker areas on neck, rump, flanks but they get lighter as they age, eventually becoming white, with the skin remaining steely gray as in the non-gray horses, except under white markings. I've been involved with and bred Arabians for 5 decades and have had my share of white horses - the older versions of those lovely steel gray or dapple gray youngsters. Look up Holy Bull, Silver Charm, and Skip Away and you can see them lightening with age. See also Lady's Secret, Princess Rooney, etc. Well, then there's Tapit himself his foals tend to gray out at a younger age than do, say, those of Unbridled's Song (who sires a lot of dappled grays, lightening more slowly). WHITE TBs are rare but they do exist, they are not albinos and are not grays; and they are born white, not dark as is a gray foal. Somebody wrote about them a couple of years back, I don't have time at the moment to go looking. Some of them have raced, there are usually one or two in training nowadays. Patchen Farm, I think it is, has several. I remember many years ago when one named Mont Blanc was a sensation in France, and there was one in the US at about the same time. I believe they do have dark skin except under markings (like a gray horse) but the ones I have seen photos of have had pink skin around the (dark) eyes. Albinos have pinkish or bluish eye color. I have a friend who is an equine geneticist at UC Davis, I'll see if I can get a clarification from him. His late wife wrote a book on coat colors. Stay warm, everyone, and congratulations to all the big winners last evening. Patricia
a wart
White man with a strong left handed running hook shot
holy waldemar!!
what the Waldemar?
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