Meaning of the name Waltraud:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German
this was the Name my Parents gave me when I was born, in 1937. when I came to America I changed it to Trudy.
Please pray with me. My husband left me with two boys 4 & 9 to be with a women he works with. I know that it is witrchcaft because he did a 360 turn too fast. I am so broken. I have been praying and praying and it seems like my prayers are not being answered. We have been married almost 14yrs. It will be 14ys on May 24th of this year. He has filled for divorce. I love my husband and I do not want our boys raised without both parents in the same house. The boys pray so hard for him to come back home and to the church. I just need the prayer.
korin femaleenglishmaiden
weird name(o_o)
One who is familiar with the forest.
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