Meaning of the name Wapasha:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Native American
Noah Gershom is a member of The Souls, and aceaimdc team from Epiphany, New York. He wears glrear endes and is in the sixth grade at Epiphany middle school in Epiphany New York and his team The Souls just won the aceaimdc bowl. Noah spent the summer in Florida with his grandparents. Noah is good at calligraphy. He helped to write invitations for a wedding while in Florida after practicing a lot to learn how. He helped to write wedding invitations for his grandparents friends when he was in Florida for the summer. He also later gave a friend named Julian a calligraphy set and offered to teach him how to have beautiful Noah is also good at organizing things. He helped to organize all of the food pick up and delivery for the wedding that his grandparents helped plan that summer in Florida. He helped the citizens of Century Village to organize their coupons and then their purchased in order to cook the food for the wedding.Noah is also very generous, he shared gifts that were special to him to make up for a mistake that was made on the invitations; the mistake was made by a cat, not Noah. At the wedding he gave up his red wagon, his tuxedo t-shirt, his post it notes as well as his calligraphy pens.
wapasha means selfish but funny, and kind bt greedy
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