Meaning of the name Wardah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
It is a arabic name and means a Rose
It is from Arabic and means rose
about the poor hate will always be with us.Secondly, there are a lot of peploe who really listen to those talking heads on cable that really do spread misinformation about Islam. I know a lot of them them. I think Ms. Denari is referring to Foxes.' But even as I write this, the ratings for genuinely myopic dopes like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck et al are declining. They go up from time to time, but generally they don't last. They go up when fear trumps optimism and that happens when things get bad like now. The troglodytes are always with us too. But, as a former neanderthal, I know conversion can take place and it mostly does, or at least the hate molecular bond weakens. (The Mrear end of Hate, takes so much time and energy. Algebraically manipulate Einstein's E=mc2 and you'll see what I mean. Hate initially does spread fast as it did toward Muslims following 9/11. Literally at the speed of light with media and it generates a lot of energy, negative energy. But, eventually, to sustain that much hate at that rate or accelerate it requires so much E it just can't last.With respect to this whole issue of hate and prejudice I like to remember what comedians like Don Rickles and Dennis Miller have similarly noted about such stupid things. Both have said: Hate stupidity, jerks, rear end_ _ _ _ _. Those things are really odious and universal. rear end_ _ _ _ ism cuts a wide swath across all peploes, even time. (I guess we can add rear end_ _ _ _s to the poor and hate.) Unfortunately, though we can never really eradicate it.Keep writing. Keep thinking. (the other guys get tired of doing that too just takes too much out of them. The Hip Einey rules here too.)
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