Meaning of the name Waverly:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Old English
As a newcomer to the SVC scene, but a long-time fllwooer of the league, I agree with many of the points made on the podcast on Monday. Most notably, the domino effect that could result. Both the neighboring TVC and SEOAL have seen a negative turn to their expansion. The TVC expanded so the big schools could make the football playoffs. Since that occurred in 1994, the league's small schools have continued to make consistent playoff appearances, while the big schools have made only a couple of trips, and that has more to do with the playoff expansion than the league schedule. As a result, the league has been in constant turnover and change. Leading to, in my opinion, a lack of repect from schools outside the league. The SEOAL troubles speak for themselves, yet due to the size of those schools, a solid fit in other conferences that would make travel and financial sense is nearly impossible.To be honest, I really do not see the benefit to any changes in the SVC. I have heard the possiblility of exploring a split based on size. Waverly, Logan Elm, Circleville, Amanda all could be possibilities and even Wellston and Vinton County would see financial and travel gains in joining the SVC. But how does any combination of the aforementioned help the current schools in the SVC?Usually changes in conferences or expansion centers around football. With the SVC, the larger schools are far from dominant in football- so I just can't see risking damage to the traits the SVC has and these other leagues try to attain- natural rivalries, balanced scheduling for all sports, and consistent administration of the league from JH on up. Compepillowive balance is tough to accomplish in any high school league, and it generally varies from sport to sport.
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