Meaning of the name Wendell:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
WENDELL means big poppa, king of the mountain, a strong leader with strong ideas that gets the job done. WENDELL P.
Wendell really means warrior, intelligent, strong, leader, with artistic creativity.
I know someone by the name Wendell and no joke he is very intelligent,strong, strong leader with strong ideas loves history! Wow when I think of all that I think of him no joke!
guys its not funny to make fun of the name wendell. My brother is named wendell. And he happens to be very good in history. if u will make fun of the name, gently caress YOU
loves to eat biscuits!!!
hey! i be Wendell is a good person. Don't be mean!!!! thats being a bully u jerk!!!
its not funny to make fun of this name. f...k you if you do and s..uc....k a
my ex boyfreind very kind but a huge drama queen
i gently caress people
Has a Huge appendage (dog)
Awesome in everything. Also Is good in bed
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