Meaning of the name Wendi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
The name wendy means light skinned. It is a variant of the name Gwendolyn. Its gender is female.
A Variant on Gwendolyn, Wendi and the more common Wendy have also come to mean Wanderer, as in Wandering Spirits and actual travel.
and u are very lucky to have this name
thats my friends name and she is awesome but sometimes grumpy!!
wendi is a good friend nd she is so pretty and smart and a hell of a girl she is fun and funny and a awesome person wendi is a lucky name wendi also means you have a lot of friends because wendi is nice !!!!!=)
an ugly fine person
It commonly means friend (:1:vote up - 0:vote downand u are very lucky to have this name1:vote up - 0:vote downthats my bfflte name1:vote up - 1:vote downWendy's =D0:vote up - 0:vote downyou smell like poo poo0:vote up - 0:vote downa beautiful character off of Wendy Wu home coming warrior1:vote up - 1:vote
an ugly fine person
Wendy's =D
Wendi is a good girl.
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