Meaning of the name Wido:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Ancient Germanic
Get a USB drive and do this;1) Buy an AV disk, get hold of Norton AV 2007. There is a bootup disk fctliiay (you can override the common harddrive boot and run the PC from your CDROM.) Then select the option to scan the full system. Give it a excellent ancient once over with the AV I reckon it also has some anti spyware fctliiay2) Download onto the USB disk from the link below. Lavasoft Adaware. This is the worlds No.1 Spyware destroying software and if there is spyware it is highly liable to wipe out it. 3) The additional llink. Download Zone Alarm firewall. This is also free and highly aggressive. This will cover your rear end from more sneaky trojan attacksIf that doesnt work then it is possible the virus has ruined your I.E BUT dont panic. Do all of the above then do this. And remember do this AFTER the above.Grab a copy of your Windows, and do a reinstall. Then it will reinstall everything which you need because its highly liable additional files are corrupted/infected. I know its annoying to reinstall everything but it will sort it out for you. If you dont know how to do it, go to a computer shop and question the technician to do what you have told him. It shouldnt take longer than an hour to do the whole thing on a modern PC. Also keep in mind, the internet world of today is a perilous place for your PC. Always ensure you have 3 protections, AV, Anti spyware and a firewall! Excellent Luck
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