Meaning of the name Xandra:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Dutch
your a strong beautiful girl who can put up with a lot of brown and never backs down from and argument. you keep your head high in all situations and always try your best to help others and be kind to those who need it.
Great post and thanks for the shout-out. I know I alayws wanted a pen name, something far more glamorous than Kristen Lamb. If you live in Texas and were born after 1975, then one out of four girls is a Kristen, Kristen, or Kirsten.But, I am blonde and it is too much to keep up with. I'd rather spend that mental energy writing more books. Piper Bayard drives me nuts. I met her as Karla and half the time I don't know what to call her. When she came to the DFW conference I screwed up at least 50% of the time introducing her. But, over time she has become Piper, so it gets easier. The transition is hell, though.
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