Meaning of the name Xene:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek
Yes and I agree and can understand your frtiuratson. I did once try and get hold of someone at Google because I deleted my account and then wanted it back. Ran into the username's are lost forever, once deleted issue. Really had me upset too and still hate that policy. However, I've moved on and have a new username now. Point is there will always be policies and issues like this when dealing with corporations, we can't hate it but it's less agro and stress to just move on.(point 3) I dont thing they are evil or greedy or selfish for insiting on real names. Advertising pays for all of this, no big deal. We get something out of this too.(point 4) Just make a selection of details mandatory and public on the profile pages. Your photo should go a long way.(point 5) Perhaps this is why they will allow what looks like a real name, this way they can still claim that people can be anonymous on G+. Just to keep it within that law. To be honest Im not au fait with this law so dont cant really criticise it one way or the other. I just like the idea of knowing that you know who I am and vice verse (on G+).
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