Meaning of the name Xenocrates:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Latin
The Government ID thing is interesting when I think tghruoh what I, as a Brit, have that might count: Photo ID:Prear endport, driving license: Probably what they have in mind, but not something I'm especially comfortable with sending off copies of. And here's the kicker, entirely voluntary to possess, there is nothing to say I have to have either (use of driving license as ID is relatively uncommon in the UK, use of prear endport vanishingly rare). This also selectively discriminates against low-income or disabled persons who are proportionately less likely to have either (I didn't have a full driving license until my mid-30s). And what about refugees?Non-Photo IDBirth certificate, NI Number card, NHS Medical Card. I can lay my hands on my birth certificate, but not everyone will be able to say that, in fact I think it took some prolonged digging to find at my parents the first time I needed it (probably for security clearance, not exactly something most people have to face). Again I'm not comfortable sending copies of that off willy-nilly. NI Number Card I don't remember the last time I saw it, you need the number not the card and I have mine memorised , NHS Medical Card, I do have somewhere, but again it's not something you really ever need and both NI Number and NHS cards are just scruffy slips of cardboard that could be forged as easily as they could be lost. Even a birth certificate could easily be forged if all that was wanted is an electronic copy. And most people won't need to access any of these from one decade to the next.Most UK ID checks simply want a couple of utility bills in your name, the government abandoned the controversial scheme to have a National ID card and many people were adamant that imposing one was a step against freedom and British national values. So Google asking for Government ID' might be more controversial, and more difficult for some people to satisfy, than it seems.
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