Meaning of the name Ximena:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Basque
beauty, intelligence, and love
this is the best name ever i want that name
She is a person that black people like so back off!
she smells like end and she hurts dogs
diva ugly dumb dorky nosey short darked skinned has a small endocks. she likes to show off her untalented self she has no talent. weird annoying person who is supposed to wear a size2 in shoes but she acts like she ahs big feet she ruins clothes on the first day and she smells like end all the time. she wears the same clothes everyday. She gets clohing from the dirty basket and she makes ugly faces. She is blind. WEIRD little girl.
she is a cry baby and she thinks she rules the world
diva ugly dumb dorky nose short darked skinned has a small end she like to show her end she is weird and annoying to siblings
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