Meaning of the name Xoan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Galician
I need hbnsaud is getting forgiven by the courts for domestic violence and has not been punished just bc he is a lawyer. He left me and my 2 kids for a women half his age, bought her a house that is 1/2 million dollars but does not want to give me alimony. He brought me from another country. I just want to go home with custody back to my country. I warn down by all the evil and witchcraft that his family did to destroy our marriage. I do not have family here and have been looking for a job for one year and nothing. I have prayed for his salvation and restore this marriage but he is a playboy. I just want the peace and protection that comes from going back home. It seems he even done witchcraft on the prosecutor jud Hamlin bc he does not even have to do anything for probation. Just call each day. No punishment.I do not believe in the justice system of this country at all. If you have money you can manipulate the courts.So please pray for us. To go back to my country with my kids to live.
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