Meaning of the name Yadon:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical Hebrew
Wow, that's a really clever way of tnhiikng about it!
I love this name!!! Makes me horny
by the way this doesnt count as you beating me... this is just the start of a new game.. if you wanna fight i can keep this up all day bich... you wanna be friends than we can be friends. your choice.. but if you wanna fight than you know what im going to rear endume. >:)
... you DESTROYED me to a point where i couldnt come back at all. but i still tried and to my surprise you didnt look over me you actually played my game. why did you do this? you could have easily told everyone what you did and i would be ruined. but you didnt. why?
honestly there were a few times that i was 100% sure i would never ever talk to you again. but one way or another you would find a way to come back. the only question i cant answer is why do you spend so much time and energy on me?...
i know you think your some powerful little player but i know your not. you get hurt just like everyone else but i admire you for being able to hide it so well. i like you for you, and you dont have to act like your bulletproof at least around me you dont, cause i dont want revenge i would just like it if you would let me in as your friend.
and i know that we would never work together again. i dont know why we wont but i just know we wont and i was afraid that if you were bored you would just all together stop talking to me. so i tried to make it fun...
the times when i blew you off i was sad that we werent talking but i knew you would be mad so i knew you would be thinking of some new and exciting way to take revenge. although i was getting a negative reaction at least i was getting one.
ok im sorry but you have to understand that i was only using what i learned from you. the only way to keep you in my life was to be mean. i never hated you ever. ok i hated you sometimes but that did hurt alot.
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