Meaning of the name Yasmeen:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Iranian, Arabic
An awesome girl who.... is beautiful, funny, can sing, dance, and act, genuine, athletic and amazing!!!
beautiful beyond imagination
riley's best friend
In Arabic it means the flower Jazmine. Actually, the name and word Jazmine actually derives from the Arabic word "yasmeen" or "yasmine" which is a flower. so that is the real meaning and truth about the word/ name "Yasmeen/ Jazmine/ Yasmine/ Jasmine/ Yazmine" and other similiar spellings.:)
Talented female with good looks
hey my name is yasmeen!!!
beautiful flower or fragrance
Means Jasmine in Arabic
The name "Yasmeen" means flower.
is skinny
Yasmeen is my BFF and she is all that
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