Meaning of the name Yasminella:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian
What if we do want to use it? The point of the site (to consumers at least, even if not to Google) is to be able to erncih social circles that already exist. For me, by not being able to use Bastard Sheep (or Bastrd Sheep on MyFace) means I cannot erncih already existing social circles, I have to start brand new ones under the name on my drivers license, which is one barely anybody knows me by.Fortunately for me I set up my Google Profile a long time ago so haven't had to touch the name field. This along with the fact I haven't been reported (yet) means my G+ profile is still active.
What triggers supsension: Another user flags your profile for any form of abuse, including but not limited to fake profile. Is it just me, or is this cause for further concern? If anyone can seriously disrupt some or all of your Google services simply by maliciously mashing a endon, then something is very wrong.Maybe it's time that, on a given day, say Aug 20, everyone flag everyone else. If their process breaks maybe they will fix it. Then again, maybe not.They obviously have far too much info already, and willingly giving them more is not the right answer. Unfortunately, most will do just that.
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