Meaning of the name Yazmin:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
loveyy x
The goddes daughter of love and war. That always suffering and is strong to.
lovey beast the best everbeautiful
Yazmin is. Cool
It mean that we yazmin's r kool. And aswem yeh know what
haha totally true. Another yazmin right here :)) i am smart many people say im very pretty i aint afraid to speak my mind and i dnt give a drat bout what people think of me, haha love ma haters!
YEAH!!!! muh names YAZMIN i dont take smack no matta wut.. I am also The smartest person in my clrear end and i dont wanna brag but.. All yazmins will always be beautiful and if yu mess with us we will be a beast
A really nice girl, that is really popular, and always goes where ever she wants.
yazmin means a loveY FREAKIN BEAST and has all the guys followin her around
beautiful,smart,funny at times,can be serious,flirtacicous,sweet,reliable,and a great friend who will always have ur back no matter what,also most likely to steal yo man!!!
Yazmin Rivera is certainly the best Yazmin in the world!!:) From GC Kansas BAYBEE!!!!
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