Meaning of the name Yechezqel:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hebrew
I also can now download my enrtie stream, which again shows up in my profile. Previous to yesterday, I could only download the one post that I managed to fire off while in suspension limbo (profile was marked suspended and all my posts had disappeared but I was still able to post once to my circles and then comment on it a few times before being locked out enrtiely). Still can't get +1s or Buzz.The suspension message on my profile has grown by a few paragraphs and now contains separate links to the Community Standards and the new Name Policies page.In other news, I may have finally joined the Blackhole Club. Hooray!
They suspended me yeasdrety.I reported a spammer, and when I checked my profile a minute later, I had been suspended. I am wondering if this is a coincidence.I have appealed, giving them my whitepages listing [I have a landline, and am in the phonebook] and my facebook page. It was [is?] actually illegal to have a false name in the phonebook in my state the listings were supposed to be solely for facilitating contact with actual persons and organizations. Sound familiar?The telco employee who told me this 15 years ago read me the relevant section of the rules, and this is a real quote: For instance, a subscriber may not use the name Snow White' There are currently dozens of Snow Whites on Google+. I wonder if any of them are in the phone book?
Siderea:But G+ doesnt have a separate PM fiontucn, youre supposed to just +name someone in an update.And when youre typing +John Smi it proposes autocompletions out of every John Smith in the system!Best of all? Apparently it chooses five names pretty much at random.Wow! That is so mindnumbingly and stupidly broken.Google has designed into the system an rear endumption that in a population of 100s of millions that a real/wallet name is enough to (closely) identify an individual.I can see that if I ever use G+, I will have to instruct any of my friends with common vanilla names that they will have to choose more interesting names if they wish to interact with me.Of course, if they do that, Google will nuke them :(
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