Meaning of the name Yechizqiyah:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hebrew
When the new store is up and running', it would be neat to see a video tour of the new digs here at the RCK wetibse. Also, you should ask your partnered brands about supporting a logo'd couple lanes of Mondo running track in the store for gait analysis and HS kids testing out spikes etc. It's something we're working on with new stores down here. I look forward to seeing new store pics!
I really eynjoed your post.In Australia some people would pronounce your name Danni-elle.My name means fertile plain or beautiful princess depending on who you ask. I am neither a plain, nor a princess. As for which name I'd choose, I'm pretty happy with my own, though I do love my middle name Marie, (pronounced muh-ree), but the biblical meaning does not suit me. It means bitter . I believe my mother thinks it means beloved which I can accept.
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