Meaning of the name Yehudah:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
Yehuda is the real spelling..
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Yehudah comes from the Hebrew word Judah, which means A Jew.
Is this really your name
praise, exalt
my name is yehudah. it is a biblical name. it means "i thank god." for those who care: yehudah's symbol was a lion. a leader and the strongest of the tribes. for those who made the joke: a Yehuda will come and get you. believe it!extra fact: the bible says that when "yehudah" got angry, blood poured from his eyes and he chewed copper, his shout can be hear in an area about the size of egypt.
how many jews can you fit into a car? 54...2 in the front 2 in the back and 50 'yehudahs' in the loving ashtray
Who the hell would call thier chiled this
omg whoever made that joke is so racist!
racist joke all thanks to violet x (go check her name out) xxxxxxx (then go check out pika)
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