Meaning of the name Zac:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Strong-willed but always has fun and is crazy
Super HOT. If you name your kid Zac make sure you are good looking parents :]
It means remembered by God
awesome. one of the best ppl u can ever meet
Zac is a sweet guy and hot too! ^.^
Zac is... most amazing person in my life. So strong, gentle, loving and understanding. Always by my side, waiting with an undying prear endion on my mishaps. I love you so much Zac. Someday I will be a wife proudly by your side, with matching last names. Forever and always and even in the afterlife my angelman. HCF (formerly HCG)
legit, athletic and lovey
just flat out awsome
(I hav a boyfriend named zac and he is the best man I have ever met and I love him he's a total sweetheart)
zac is not always the most reliable but is a true sweetheart. he expresses himself through his music which is beautiful. zac is confident and knows what he wants and will always go after it.
My name means I am lovey and I like to have love with hot babes
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