Meaning of the name Zachary:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
an awesome guy, who shouldn't be confused when girls tell him that they really like(care) about him. He is a great guy, who is really funny and sweet, has a sweet laugh that makes me smile. a great smile, kind, adorable, cute.
Remembered by God
zachary is most awesome person in the world
means s guy who care alot so sweet and very hot. and best boy friend a girl could have. and he fun awesome and tell u what on his mind and dont hold back in life
Thanks for all that I'm a Zachary
a guy who is very unique and very persistent, he won't give up. he is also nice with everyone and will do anything to impress his crush
Stop saying rude things people Zachary means Fun and AWESOME! And he is my friend and you all r stupid if u say mean stuff bout him
zachary is a very attractive boy who girls want and boys want to be
it means the most amazing, caring, loving, lovey, nice, and happy person on earth! My best friend's name was Zachary. He died 2 months ago. He was such an amazing person that I'm naming my first son after him.
it means awesome guy who is kind generous and cute
It means he's a smart handsome funny and caring guy. He will do anything to please his loved ones.
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