Meaning of the name Zaira:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
; wow ! thaats suchh a liee , zairaa does not take her frendss boyfrendd away ! stupidd people juss hatin'
blooming flower
It means Rosa in Arabic and is also a variation of Sarah in Hebrew meaning princess.
she is not a liar, she's my best friend :D
the name zaria means HOT AND loveY....THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!! AND SHE GETS WWHAT SHE WANT!!!!!
zaira means cute and loves to hav lots of friends and makes then laugh and it means that she is a very good friend and u can make friends with her fast
you people are weird. MY name is zaira and i have never stolen anyones bf. I know your not talking about me but you guys should stop fighting on here it looks dumb. Plus a lot of you have a horrible way of speaking that just makes it look dumber.
zaira means blooming flower and not even close to meaning princess
it means the greatest person in the world funny so lol adorable and cute and talkative
Pretty but sometimes can be loud
man aint no one hating shyt there aint nothing to hate on so get it right...
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