Meaning of the name Zander:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Modern)
Zander is a name that means smart, enthusiastic, a leader, and a wonderful friend that is fun to hang out with and talk to :) He is the best bud anyone could have ^^
and a crazy boy who likes to run a round alot
a crazy boy who likes to run around alot
From Alexander. Like Alexander the Great. A name of greatness and Leadership. also woth enough comprear endion to tane the most wild beasts. very smart and wise. Zanders were meant to do great things.
Zander is a nice and funny person. He is sometimes shy but when you become friends he is very enthusiastic and fun. He can also be very creative and intelligent in his thinking.
I like the name zander but the kid in my clrear end who is named that is really rude. I am not saying all zanders are rude
of course the name zander rocks like alexander the great! it means a leader and of course enthusastic!:-)
Zander is my bf's name and he's amazing! He has a good sense of humor and gives awesome compliments:)
who ever said zander is a bipolar woman SCREW YOU! zander does not mean that for all we know you could be a bipolar woman! dont even comment on the name if you dont even like it dont waste ur time! i love the name zander and i think it rocks!
one that hits you
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