Meaning of the name Zarita:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
i really dont know what my name means so im really tring to figure out so i was hoping maybe you guys could look up for me and find out what my name means and if you do find out what my name means please tell me right away so thank you
Oh hey, I've found it! The website: It says:Your First Name of: ZaritaBelow is a brief analysis of the first name only. For an analysis of your full name and destiny, see our full free Name and Birth Date Report service for further details.Your first name of Zarita has given you a quick-minded, sensitive nature. It gives you a creative ability in art, music, singing, or fancywork and an appreciation for refined surroundings. Your sociable nature expresses affection, kindness, and thoughtfulness to the extent that it is difficult for you not to be affected by others and governed by your emotions, rather than by logic and reason. As you respond to love and encouragement from others, your romantic and dreamy nature can easily lead you into love affairs. Your desire for peace at any price can result in going out of your way to avoid arguments and confrontation or hurting the feelings of others. Also, budgeting can be a problem as you enjoy spending money and can easily ignore being practical. Any health weaknesses would show in skin conditions, and also fluid problems affecting the glandular system and kidneys.
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I really want to know the mean of name ZARI
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