Meaning of the name Zella:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German
English name meaning "zealous"Short form of the German "Marcella," or "Marzella"
The name Zella, is an old term meaning for shadow and/or darkness.
Someone is is awesome and un-boring, a person you should take to the DMV cuz she will definately make it fun
Where can I get a smoothie berfoe work since Papa's Porch lied about its morning hours? 7am? Bah! I'm sooo addicted to its Tropical Bliss smoothie, it's crazy good. I can't find anything like it anywhere else. I'm not crazy about Jamba Juice, and Cafe Zella and Tully's use tea in their smoothies and a smoothie mix .
My name is Zella and I think it maens smart pretty blonde and hilarious!!!!!!!
Someone who can change their name into something else just by taking away a letter to change it forever
it means shadow/ darkness
A fifth grade girl who can simultaneously chokeslam Kane and the Undertaker.
pretty smart blonde
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