Meaning of the name Zeus:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Greek Mythology
King of Gods
king of greek gods lord of the sky
zeus is lord of the sky
god of sky king of gods
okay. Zeus is a Greek god and is top Olympian.
zeus is the god of the gods, he is a very powerful leader and is very scary at times when you get him mad
zeus is a god who is powerfull over all the god in greece
Zeus is the GOD of gods and is the most powerful of all gods in mythology. Back then when he was not god of the gods three pillowians controled Mt Olympia so when Zeus and his brothers Posyton and Hedes battled the three pillowians and took place as the god of the sea ( Posyton ), god of the under world ( Hedes ), and god of the gods and sky ( Zeus ). Thats how Zues became the God of the gods and sky. So if you were wondering than thats your answer to that question. Your welcome.
his father is kronis. zeus brothers are Poseidon, the god of the sea & Although Hades is an Olympian god, he is the Lord of the Underworld and ruler of the dead. also he, is the ruler of olpia. he has a lighting bolt.
strong,powerful,muscular, thats why im gonna name my child zeus!!
i know a police offisor named zeus
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