Meaning of the name Kája:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Czech
She likes dogs!!!
Great article, thank you again for wiritng.
people... change
YEAHHH!!! BADrear end GURLZ UNITE!!!!! men are loving stupid and NEVER CHANGE. im turning LESBO so i can be the dominate male in a relationship.:) hey while im at it i think ill just go ahead and get a love CHANGE!!! then i can wear guy clothes and play video games and not give a brown about little girls like me who care about people more than i should. xD DEUCES!!!!!
what are you talking about "this one guy"??? what kind of woman needs a man to make her feel good about herself? seriously, i dont have a bf cause im such a badrear end that ill never need a man. i can do everything by myself and no one will ever tell me who i am. gently caress "that one guy". who needs a guy to tell you your pretty when your sad or a to talk to you about anything you want for hours and hours. yeah.. gently caress "that one guy".
I AM NOT A girl!!! my name is kaja and i have very high self esteem and i respect myself above all others!!! you all are rear end in a tophats for saying this. i only sleep with people who care about me and love me for who i am and love my fine persony yet exciting personality.... like that one guy...
right!!! i know a girl and she has extremly low self esteem. she thinks of herself as a girl and acts like one. but hey its her life and if she wants to be an accessory to someones loveual desire than so be it. but there is this one guy....
a very pretty girl that needs to be complemented all the time or she will go into a deep state of depression. needs to learn how to respect herself and live life to the fullest :)
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